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  • Excelsior

    Developed with LED technology

    The new Excelsior is the most revolutionary and innovative technology to date for permanent hair removal. Offering the highest efficiency in hair removal systems (high light energy through lowest energy consumption) based on high power OPT LED technology.
    How LED technology works?
    OPT LED technology for hair removal is based on LED chips (made in USA), which emits high-power LED light source through an optimized wavelength spectrum of 755 nm – 880 nm. LED light is highly effective targeting the melanin of the hair follicle for a permanent hair removal. Thanks to the broad spectrum of light, it can be applied to all photo types, and all types of hair even in residuals.
  • Eride Smart Dual

    Highest efficiency for all skin types during the whole year This new laser system has been created for the most demanding clients who are looking for the optimal hair removal performance for each skin type regardless of the season.
  • Eride Smart Dual +

    For all skin types during the whole year One of the most innovative hair removal systems, three technologies integrated in one handle (755 nm + 808 nm + 1064 nm). The three wavelength bars assembled inside one single handle emit three wavelengths of light aiming at targets with different structure within the hair follicles. This revolutionary hair removal system holds Alexandrite, and Nd:Yag wavelengths technologies. Suitable for all skin types, and hair colours during the whole year.
  • Musa CO2

    The Musa CO2 device incorporates the most advanced CO2 fractional laser technology specially designed for treatments that require ablation, incision, excision, and thermal coagulation of soft tissues in order to improve skin texture and imperfections. Our fractional CO2 laser device guarantees effective treatments, maximum versatility, visible clinical results in a safe and controlled way with reduced downtime.
    How fractional CO2 laser technology works?
    The Musa CO2 laser penetrates the skin to a deep of 10.6um vaporising it in a fractional way through small programmed thermal micro injuries without affecting the surrounding tissue. These micro injuries represent between 10% and 50% of the total treatment area, which enables a short healing time, as well as a natural regeneration of the skin thanks to neocollagenesis.
  • Q-Switched Infinity Pro

    Endless power and durability
    Q-Switched Nd: Yag Infinity Pro dual wavelength (1064 nm and 532 nm) is a Q-switched laser mainly used for pigment treatments as well as tattoo removal, peeling or bleaching among others, featured by providing high energy in a very short time (6 nanoseconds).
  • Q-Switched Infinity

    Reliable technology The Q-Switched Infinity is the favourite Q-Switched model for all those beauty salons and tattoo studios looking for highest professional performance. Its smart laser system guarantees safe results in every treatment. Probably, it’s one of the most reliable and durable Q-switched equipments today.
  • Diovas

    Fiber 980nm Diode Fiber Laser is a 980nm transdermal diode, with optical fiber transmission system. This cutting-edge technology has been designed to treat vascular lesions and diseases up to 4 mm diameter. Its advanced designed, such as its small and portable size, make it a great option for every clinic.
    - It boasts an excellent transdermal penetration, which reduce side effects like erythema, or pigmentations disorders. No allergic reactions to be produced, neither needles are needed. - Thanks to the low absorption by melanin of 980nm wavelength, the Diovas treatment can be performed in every skin type and during the whole year. In addition, patients can return to normal activity immediately after treatment..
  • Smart Typhoon

    5 technologies just in 1 device Our thermosculpture equipment, Thypoon is one of the most popular equipments due to its specific combination of different technologies, vacuum, radiofrequency, infrared, rollers, and cavitation all together combined to provide very effective results in blood flow activation, tissue regeneration, pain release, cellulite elimination, localized adiposity, and skin flaccidity among others.
    - Physio-aesthetics: Improves the rate and volume of blood flow, enable tissue regeneration and pain released thanks to RF, IF, and vacuum combination. The RF and vacuum working at the same create constrictions and deconstrictions which improves the rate and volume of blood flow, relaxation of muscles and connective tissue. - Aesthetics: The synergy of infrared and radiofrequency produces heating of the skin and fatty tissue increased metabolism of fat tissue, stimulation of the lymphatic system, and restructuring of existing collagen and elastin in dermis, providing immediate firming effect. Facial handle: Reaffirmation and facial rejuvenation. Facial remodelling with double chin reduction for its lipolytic effect. - Cavitation: Targets tolocalized obesity. Eliminates the accumulation of fat from localized areas.